This year’s challenge is to create connection while keeping the space between the dancers. Practicing presence and listening.

As a teacher I focus not only on the dance but on the complete cultural Tango phenomenon: music, poetry, history and dance.

Maria Mondino

I started dancing Tango in 1996 in my home town of La Plata, Argentina. Some years later I moved to Buenos Aires to dive deep into Tango. I was completely in love with it. I felt “This is the sound track of my life”.  I worked as a Tango dancer in mythical Tango Houses including “Bar Sur” and “La Cumparsita” and later in “Mora Godoy” Studio. In 2005 I started traveling to Europe to offer my classes and seminars in many cities and festivals. Since then I have worked with many different partners and as a solo dancer. I have co-organized a Tango Festival in Ibiza since 2011. 

I currently reside in Berlin where I develop my Tango activities: Classes, DJ, organizing. Every year I return to Buenos Aires to breathe once more what you can only find there: Tango cultural roots.

2011-2014 We created “Ibiza Tango Love” an International Tango Festival festival that lasts till today, now in its 10th edition. 2012-13 We run a Tango House called “Tango Ashram” in Ibiza Island focused on Tango, meditation, contact improvisation, and self-management of resources for creative projects.

2007 -2011 Together with Ismael Ludman we travel during those years for Tango weekends and International Festivals all over Europe and Asia. We were a magnetic and sensual couple, developing a very personal style full of sensuality, mystery and intensity. Based in Berlin where we had our regular classes and performances in different local Milongas, as well that in the Berlin International Tango Festival. 

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