We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep. 
William James

In the same way that the sea connects islands and nourishes them, so our voices connect and nourish us.

Most civilisations have considered sounds and the human voice to be the natural tools for healing and the purest expression of the human soul. It has been part of healing for millennia. Through the voice, the mysterious nothingness of the air we breathe meets our material self, the body. When we practice awareness while producing sounds, the voice becomes our somatic experience of the Universe.  

In the workshop, we will be singing together while keeping a suggested distance, and using our voices in a group, as part of sound meditations, to create safe space for individuals to open and show up. We will be vocalising and connecting with one another through the voices to reach the depths of our oceans through the sounds we all have.

You do not need to know how to sing, in order to participate!

Maja Anugita Žarković

Maja Anugita combines her passion for music, formal education in music psychology and performance psychology with spiritual approaches to human growth through attending personal growth seminars and essential holistic counselling training Working With People, and through meditation.

She founded Island of Sounds seminars to experience the mystery of sounds, through the human voice and its power to expand consciousness and love. 

She was director of the Croatian National Theatre in Split and the Summer Music Festival Split, the founder of Early Music Festival Dubrovnik, the “Aestas Musica” baroque courses, and others. She graduated from the Royal College of Music London and got MAs in Music Education and Arts Management at University of London College and City University in London.

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