Together, we create a safe space honouring each one and speaking our truth.

We sit in circle in the order of our age. Each one of us has a well-defined position in the circle. There is no competition about this. We honour those who are elder. This provides a safe ground.

Each one has time to speak, only one person speaks at a time, all others are listening and are fully present.

We share about our fears. We exchange experiences. We share from the here and now.

By sharing what is sometimes considered as a weakness men come closer to each other and honesty increases. We feel the dignity in showing up and speaking out the truth.

Theo Sentis

I was born as the eldest son and grew up on the small farm of my parents in Germany near the Dutch border, a father of two beautiful grown-up sons, who still enjoy sailing with their father.

I worked as a process engineer in the chemical industry with all the ups and downs experienced by general managers.

I was affected by a deadly disease around the start of the millennium. I took it as a wake-up call and started to change my priorities.

I quit my employer and since then, I have been working as an industrial consultant on a very limited number of days per year.

This allowed me to focus on personal development.  I learned about feeling, accepting my shadows, discovering love and self-worth, and became a counsellor.

I love working with people in one to one sessions and I love facilitating groups. Meditation, daily inquiries, listening to my intuition, and prayer have become essentials of my life.

I am part of the changing world and my contribution is a very conscious behaviour as a man, for myself, in my environment and in relation to women.

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