Relax and unwind with individual healing sessions from an experienced healer and body-worker.  
Physical pain melts away as I tune into the blueprint of your body and unwind the micro-adjustments your body has made to compensate for an original injury.
Stress, depression, loss of mojo and anxiety are lifted as I clear the blockages from the chakras that are causing this mental pain
Grief, fear, anger and frustration are eased as we go to the root cause of the suffering and allow its lessons to be learned. 
Spirit entities which are not present for your highest and best good are removed, permanently and with love.
Each session is unique, focussing on the issue that is most present for you at the time.  I work on and off the body, using a variety of techniques including Bi-Aura (R), Neuro-Muscular Transmission and Theta Healing (R) and work with several spirit guides depending on who is required.  
These sessions can be transformative, reducing or eliminating pain and helping you to move forward in your life with ease.  They are a great supplement to the group-work.
People leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, lighter and with less (or no) pain.  They also tend to sleep better afterwards! 

Rowena Swallow

Rowena is a London-based healer who has practiced across Europe and Southern Africa. 

Having been very skeptical in her early years, she started as a healer 12 years ago following an experience of physical and emotional transformation from her first teacher that she could not logically explain. 

She has since explored many traditions of healing and counselling, and synthesises them all to bring her own unique style into being. 

She has no specific intentions at the start of each session as to which approach she will use with her clients, she just holds the intention to help as required and the knowledge arises from within.

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