And we keep our promise of love by nourishing our dreams. This is what nourishes our children and their dreams, and ultimately keeps them safe and well.

In this circle of women we come together to explore our passions and wildest dreams. We look at the dynamics and their energetic expressions that hold us back from or slow us down in living them. We explore how to bring our energies back to where they belong. To us. And we experience the peace, balance, power and clarity that arise from being whole in ourselves and connected with our bodies, hearts and something greater that connects and carries us all. This is the place from which true closeness, as well as giving and receiving can happen easily.

You do not need to be a physical mother, in order to participate.ding times when our nervous system stores a lot of tension in our bodies. Movement releases the tension and is essential to our well-being. When we practice with presence, our bodies merge with our souls providing us with the possibility to sense our authentic selves.

Claudia Shkatov

Claudia is a visionary, coach, soul guide and author.

She worked in HR managment and consultancy in Vienna, Moscow and Berlin and run her own consulting business, before she set off on a path of inner transformation in 2001. She has since immersed herself deeply in studies and research of the human consciousness, modern principles of spiritual psychology and ancient traditions of healing and awakening.

Today, Claudia supports women and men in connecting with their hearts, their bodies and their soul’s mission. She offers private Theta Healing and Intuitive Coaching sessions, as well as workshops for female empowerment. You can work with her in German, English and Russian.

Twice a year, she guides peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of any kind on a Soul Quest Retreat into the untouched wild nature of the South African Cape Region to connect with Mother Earth and their greatest visions for life.