Island of Sounds

Opening of voice:
Dive into the sound of your Soul through body movement and let it be heard!

Komiža, Vis, Croatia 1 – 8 September 2019

Island of Sounds is a workshop for everyone wishing to let their Soul speak and sing freely.

The title Island of Sounds reflects each individual’s voice and its unique radiance – this is exactly the idea and direction behind the sessions and workshops: to inspire in each individual participant his/her own island of sounds, his/her own sense of freedom and the experience of his/her voice in all its beauty.

A team of experienced music, voice and body movement specialists will guide you to free your voice through breathing, movement and relaxation exercises connected with special vocal programme. Music knowledge is not required. Everyone is welcome!

Let your voice resonate

Human voice remains one of the sweetest mysteries of our existence.

Whether we are Soul-searchers or not, we all encountered voice as having many dimensions: from creating mystical frequencies and vibrations, through having healing properties, to carrying our expression of power, gentleness, sadness, love, or helping us share and communicate those, all the way to expressing our pure unrestrained joy. We want to explore as many of those as possible during each workshop.

Supporting your voice

Human body is a musical instrument that produces sounds. You will learn to relax and move it consciously so you can support your voice.

Although we are surrounded by music almost constantly, love it and we want to sing, we often hold back because we think we are not musical enough, don’t have beautiful voice or are afraid of making mistakes. We all experienced feeling a tight throat and know it happened because of fear, sadness or feeling insecure.

Speaking and singing are directly related to emotions, and emotions influence the body. While not knowing how to relax, we keep our speaking and singing voice suppressed.

Our Team

They will lead and support you


Voice exercises and movement

Anugita is a musician, educator and manager. She runs cultural projects and helps musicians to relieve tension when preparing for performances. Anugita is devoted to inner growth work.

Renata Pokupić


Renata is one of the most eminent Croatian artists who enjoys rich international career. She is particularly interested in exploring techniques of developing and releasing voice and applies them in her lessons.

Sanja Novko

Movement and joga

Sanja brings a lot of joy and patience to work as a shiatsu therapist and vinyasa yoga instructor. Since 2010, she teaches at the International Shiatsu School Croatia.


An ideal place for relaxation and voice opening. 

Komiža is situated in a bay on the west side of the island of Vis. The Fisherman’s Museum holds the greatest form of proof regarding the history and life style of this town from the 12th century. It represents Komiža as being a proud town, since ancient times, with its history of fishermen and the Komiža fishing boat gajeta falkuša, as well as its numerous fishermen and sailors. The mild Mediterranean climate and the typical island village stone houses congested around the port together with the white beaches, enchant every visitor who comes here. The sea around Komiža is rich with fish. It is easy to get to the neighbouring islands of Sušac, St. Andrija, Brusnik, Palagruža, or Biševo, the most famous for the magical Blue Cave.

The Vis Archipelago is one of the last ten Mediterranean’s heavenly oases. Along with the islands of Mljet and Lastovo it forms the Adriatic Blue Corridor – the zone with the largest biodiversity in the Mediterranean. It is the habitat to 126 bird species, including not only the characteristic open-sea species such as Eleonora’s falcon, Scopoli’s shearwater and the Yelkouan shearwater, but also a species that was afforded special protected status – the common bottlenose dolphin.

One of the best places to connect with
Mother Earth. The Island is rich in history of its rocks and its people, plants and animals.

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