Island of Sounds

1 – 8 September 2019
Komiža, Island of Vis, Croatia

Who can apply, what will workshop bring you, daily schedule.

What is Island of Sounds?

Who can apply?

The Island of Sounds is a programme that deals with releasing voice and bringing back joy of speaking and singing. The surroundings of the beautiful island of Vis and Komiža are the perfect place for this kind of work.

Everyone desiring to sing can apply, especially if you do not dare to let your voice out and need support. Also, amateur singers who want to improve, professional singers who want to explore voice development opportunities in new ways, anyone who want to feel joy in spoken communication with others.

Voice is expression of our souls

We are all connected by the invisible air that we breathe, the same one all over the world.

When we breathe in, we take into our body the nothingness that surrounds us, the same one that holds up the planets and stars, we mix it inside our bodies with our delicate inner substances and give it back to the world as a sound: a speech or a song.

What will it bring you?

What will be the changes?


The aim is to provide you with an opportunity to build self-confidence through work with experts, to communicate more freely and to release your voice.

You will learn how to relax and remain relaxed in situations that are not pleasant to you. This is especially important for anyone working with people or those at the beginning of a career who experience everything as new situations.

The most important thing is that you will become more aware of your voice and enjoy singing and speaking.

Schedule and work

09.00 – 09.30  Morning movement with Sanja – ALL
09.35 – 10.45  Sanja and Anugita, breathing exercises and movement for voice – ALL
10.50 – 11.50  Group vocal and body exercises and singing with Anugita – ALL | Individual singing lesson with Renata, as scheduled*
12.00 – 12.45  Exercises with Sanja | Individual singing with Renata
12.50 – 13.35  Songs with Anugita | Individual singing with Renata

15.00 – 17.00  Individual singing with Renata
17.00 – 17.25  Movement – ALL
17.30 – 18.25  Topic related to expressing freely: Introduction and sharing**
18.30 – 19.25  Vocal and performance exercises
19.30 – 20.30  Evening meditation | various

* All participants will have two 30′ mins sessions with Renata
** Two days. Topics such as barriers, shame, freedom of expression.
*** There will be an internal concert at the end of the workshop (for participants only). 
One day is reserved for a trip.

Day 0 & 1

DAY 0 – ARRIVAL: We all meet and introduce to each other. We start the journey with some playful body-moving exercises and mumbling to awaken the spine.

DAY 1:
GROUP: It is very important to get a sense of groundedness so that our voice can feel supported by our body. Sanja and Anugita start energizing the 1st and 2nd chakras with body exercises followed by selected group songs and vocal exercises.

SOLO: Getting more sense into the body supports your individual lesson with Renata so that everyone’s voice feels already grounded and closer to the true potential – even for those who experience problems while expressing vocally.

Evening meditations help us integrate daily work and prepare for the next stage.

Day 2

GROUP: Sanja continues working out your bodies into supple instruments. 

Anugita continues with energising and freeing the third chakra. A lot of energy is available, a lot of laughter is created that helps the diaphragm to move with the flow. 

Through exercises and group singing, you accept that mistakes are a normal part of the learning process. You start relaxing consciously and get to know the strengths and beauty of your voice. 

We explore obstacles and ways of dealing with them so we can make more steps towards free voice expression.

SOLO: Renata does her magic voice unlocking with more ease in individual lessons as she will be assisted by more freedom inside your bodies.

Day 3

GROUP: Groundedness and power built up from the previous days give us space to open and let go.

Heart chakra. Lightnes, gentleness … openess … acceptance … 

Songs of sharing, understanding, love and compassion.

SOLO: We explore how to share the inner atmosphere of the song, what happens to the voice when we are aware but moved at the same time and communicating freely.

We look at what can help us to express the words, emotions, how to communicate what we feel and want to express, through music – and how to remain accurate in rhythm and intonation while singing. This appears to be a difficult task to some but we haven’t met anyone yet who haven’t started singing better AND with more freedom.

Day 4

After the morning exercises, during which we connect the last three days, we are going on a trip around the Island of Vis,  a geological miracle, visiting its beaches, rocks, caves, singing to the Nature, meeting each other anew in sharings.

Day 5

We continue with group exercises and individual work that takes you further into freedom.

You enjoy singing and enjoy taking risks.

You feel your confidence has grown. You learned to love your voice and are ready to move the boundaries a bit further. You feel and sense you have what it takes to express yourself. The fifth chakra is open and you feel your voice expressing with power and joy.


Day 6

Rehearsals during the day.

Evening Performance – the song you were working on with Renata will be performed in front of the group (if you feel like it).

What are you waiting for?